Let’s Get Back to Good

Once I was full of good spirit, but you know what this world crushed that. I looked around and all I saw was suffering, sickness, psychological disgustingness, war and death.

I tuned out for a while, so I could learn to cope. You must be able to help yourself first to help others. But I look around now and see more of the same.

What a waste of time and human effort.

It is so foolish to spend huge amounts of money on warfare when humanity faces numerous challenges to even preserve the basics of life we all require!

Life is difficult even if you possess qualities that make it easier to get along with others! I started thinking about the world, and it made me sad to realize how much people are suffering.

Humanity is under huge stress, and the list of issues is growing. We should realize how fortunate we are for many blessings.

Still this life is difficult!

We must not forget the great progress humanity has made since our beginnings and continue to work for everything important we need.

Earth is experiencing climate change and natural disasters. Those issues are also truly important now, but we are absorbed by images of war — a waste of human energy that limits our potential.

It only distracts from what matters, and that is Earth and its creatures need help.

War, hurts people and causes immense environmental damage. One man’s decisions disrupted and displaced millions of people. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

Humanity must get back to basics and care for the health of ourselves, fellow beings, peace, human rights, and future security of ALL life on Earth.

I hope powerful countries, and smaller countries, can convince countries to seek peace, so we can build a better future.

It’s important we prepare for climate change and food security for each individual country in the whole world. These efforts will require the sharing of technology and information between people.

Humanity is extremely interconnected, so something that happens in another area of the world impacts us all.

Leaders throughout the world are working cooperatively to address such concerns. I admire our leaders and know they are working as hard as they can for our well-being. They may not be perfect, but they deserve credit for their leadership. They have tough jobs.

Russia is showing humanity the true face of war. Hopefully, it will be these actions that usher in a world of peace when we realize what is truly important for all our Earthly families.

We should be fighting this fight together — the whole world — for the survival of us all.

Throughout history, we have been told of spiritual warfare, concepts that pit humans against each other. We must realize we were not meant to wage war against each other at all, but created to work together.

How much progress could we make together? Immense.

There are different spirits within us humans on Earth. That is the very reason humanity has come so far.

Technology and knowledge help guide the whole world. Humans were granted this knowledge to help guide and save humanity.

Certain spirits were put here to bring a spirit of peace and love to help Earthy spirits.

Earth spirits are unique, and possess deep beauty themselves. There is a place in this world for us all — where we guide each other.

Life is a struggle, but we have to start talking about it!

As for me, I hope to tell you how we make it back to good.



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