Earth, a Psychic Prison

Let’s Break Free Shall We?

Humanity is locked in a psychic prison.

We suffer a dissociation of self, mass psychosis, and possession by foreign minds.

This world is highly illogical.

Ancient humans able to sense and communicate with spiritual realms were considered blessed and wise.

At some point, the human narrative changed.

Spiritual experiences were transformed into sinister sicknesses causing humanity a mass psychosis and creating a vast distance from our self and higher realms.

Unique and unexplained experiences are labeled a disorder.

Sharing an odd story is tagged with demeaning labels — created by those with a lack of understanding, or personal encounters, with such experiences.

Labels are continuously created, accepted & spread by many minds–-a serious challenge we face.

Are these sinister actions or just a misunderstanding?

Why are we being directed away from ourselves?

Numerous individuals are to blame for creating prisons of the human mind. Focusing only on past mistakes is a waste of time.

It seems NO ONE is to blame for many disasters existing in the human condition.

Those creating the narrative are blindfolded or push some agenda.

We must learn from past mistakes and wake up to the current games being played on us.

We must spend our energy breaking free from the psychic prison we face here on Earth.

We are discovering we’ve been taught wrong, misguided & lied to.

The truth is powerful if we choose awareness.

Our world is illogical, but we are being transformed.

As darkness is brought into the light, what will we become?

How is Psychosis Spread?

Everyone is extremely susceptible to mental mass psychosis as we navigate energy fields inside and outside ourselves.

Energy is spread, transferred, and absorbed constantly by our senses. When we just accept what we’re told, we are possessed by other minds and distanced from ourselves.

We are told by others what is happening. We are told how to think and what to believe.

Lies are everywhere.

Lies are taught to children and adults.

Lies are told on the news.

Lies are spread for attention and greed.

Lies are told to make money.

Lies are told to control minds or further agendas.

Lies are told by those far away, and those close.

We social and trusting humans trust those we shouldn’t.

Truth is far away right now, but humanity is remembering.

Ancient beauty is in revival.

Are You Unique?

Do you have unique experiences?

Embrace them for the future. Realize not everyone understands yet.

Some souls are unaware of concepts such as the self, energy, spirituality, healing, developing virtue, and accessing imagination.

Many misinterpret experiences or cannot identify what is happening, so their encounters are difficult.

Many are lost and far from the path to the soul.

Visions are a higher reality of the mind. That voice is yours. That voice can be a gift from a higher force!

People do, or can, possess extrasensory perception.

If you’re aware, or sensitive, you frequently encounter unique perceptions.

Our world needs such souls to navigate the journey.

It must be a scary place for those who haven’t the words or learned concepts to understand and express meaning.

We absolutely CAN make sense of ourselves with hard work!

How will we break the chains we suffer?

Will we break free from labels placed on us by others?

Will we choose power over sickness?

Will you?

Psychic Prisons Are Being Shattered

Psychic prisons are being shattered!

Scientists and researchers have dedicated themselves and their careers to breaking the chains that bind humanity.

The purpose and truth of our misunderstood minds is coming to light thanks to the hard work of many minds.

The sickness of the mind-body connection is being cured.

Where do we begin?

Identifying and nurturing human virtues and character traits will lead us towards a spiritual existence.

The Decoding of the Human Spirit: A Synergy of Spirituality and Character Strengths Toward Wholeness

We are learning, but much work must be done!

An energetic path to embrace our spiritual being is finally being opened to everyone!

To see the truth we must simply adjust our awareness, perception, and thinking!

Prepare to be amazed!

I look forward to breaking free together!

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